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About Us

Agas Traders LLC of Khalid Aga was established in 1977 and is among the Pioneers in U.A.E; we are specialist in retail and wholesale of Persian & Oriental Handmade Carpets & Rugs. Our collections are unique, consisting of modern and traditional patterns including rare antique rugs and we also stock fine Handicrafts & assorted Shawls.

Khalid Gul Aga the founder of Agas Traders LLC is the 5th generation in the carpet business. Our network and associates are well connected with manufacturers and wholesalers allover in Iran, Pakistan and Turkey.

Our carpets are selected by experts and we offer our customers a huge variety quality rugs at reasonable prices backed with certificates. Our motto is “Quality & Reliability”

Persian & Oriental Carpet is an asset which one can possess as a lifetime Pleasure”

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