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Agas Traders LLC was established in 1977 and is among the Pioneers in U.A.E; we are specialist in retail and wholesale of Persian & Oriental Handmade Carpets & Rugs. Our collections are unique, consisting of modern and traditional patterns including rare antique rugs and we also stock fine Handicrafts & assorted Shawls.

Our Products

  • Carpet

    Pakistan has a four hundred years old history of carpet-weav...

  • Isfahan Carpet

    Isfahan is an ancient city with a 5000 years old history an...

  • Qum Silk Hunting

    1000 knots per square inch 100% pure silk

  • Qum Silk Meddalian

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  • tabraiz

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  • kilim suzani silk


  • jaipuri


  • Omar Khyyam Isfahan

  • Qum Keshti

    Qum pure silk Keshti

  • Qum Silk Gumbat

  • Art Silk - Jaipur

  • Qum Silk

  • Kashan Silk

  • Hand painted pitchers

  • Intricate colored glass lamps

  • Handmade wooden camel caricatures

  • Intricate colored glass lamp

  • Handmade Pashmina Shawls

  • Horse Caricture

  • Tabraiz naqshe silk base

  • Qum Silk

  • Tabraiz

  • Qum Silk

  • Nain Nohla

  • Nain Nohla 6mt2